Scavenger Hunted

The Faire, where you can dance if you want to, you can leave your friends behind, because your friends dont dance and if they dont dance well, they're no friends of mine!
Session 8

Continuing on from the dead wagon driver and the remains of the Giant Fire Beetle, the party again came across a much larger wagon caravan. The party talked with them through the help of Rumiel, master of languages and found out they were going to a large faire/carnival put on by the Native Varisians. Called the Travelling People, or Tinkers, they were known for putting on a great time, replete with shows, fortune telling, food, minor tool/metal repair and the like. It was a great place to rest and one of the more interesting sights to Varisia.

The party arrived and set up a small camp. While there, several of the party members got their fortunes read by the Harrower, an ancient woman with few teeth who read the Harrow cards and foretold much dismay and death. Gunnar was thrilled by this news, but the others perhaps caught more of the warning. Sara also found out that one of the small clans of Travelling People had gone missing, and not reported in. With the help of Quentin, they determined a likely path to where they were, and Quentin had a vision of the sister of the Harrow reader being raped and tortured and kept hostage.

Heading out, they traveled most of a day, and came across the wagons. They approached, and talked to the Tinkers, hoping to get some answers. The Varisians seemed cagey and wouldnt answer, so Rumiel used a spell to get them to answer truthfully, and when questioned the one guy admitted they had cut a deal with the Devil to kill the party. The rest of his guys shouted out in Varisian (DUDE!) and they attacked.

The fight was a lot tougher than the party expected, and very quickly Gunnar was cut down. Kenson also had his hands full, and his unique grappling style of combat quickly turned against him as the tinkers knocked him unconcious. Hildegarde had been able to weather a lot of the combat so far, but she was wounded. Rumiel and Quentin both had their hands full, and Quentin was running out of spells and had been mauled badly and was bleeding profusely. Sara was still ok, and her sniping style of attack had been very good so far, but sadly there were still 3 of the Tinkers and their Cleric, and all were mostly at good health. Rumiel was concerned and thought the party was in danger of falling, when he saw a small imp sitting idly in the fire of the burning Argos (large wagon).

He spoke to the Devil, but didn’t want to make a deal blindly. Sara however, saw the dire straights and agreed to a personal deal…the Imp would bring help and heal the rest of the party. With the accord, suddenly a large Bharghest appeared, and in one bite slew one of the tinkers and wounded another. Within seconds, the large beast had killed the cleric, while Hildegarde ran down the last man and slew him.

The party was healed by some magical flames, leaving a sulphurous odor about the party. The looted the group of Tinkers, rescued the wounded Harrow reader and continued North to Kaer Maga. They arrived on the outskirts of town, at the base of the waterfall and long rocky hill up, where they rested and began to debate about what to do next.


Rob and Randy wrote them down, so I’ll post it next!


6200! this is 5300 just for combat, plus another 900 for ASL! This makes the party 7th level, and according to my calculations puts everyone at a total of 26201!


Cave of Destiny! (or how a nameless NPC orc, designed to be slaughtered and mercilously destroyed has now become an interesting side quest and semi-important plot line!)
Session 7

Checking out the cave, our party discovered the lair where the Troll had bedded down, and went further into the cave. There they came across a bunch of Orc families, women and children mostly. Rumiel, ever the enchanting used a spell to convince the orcs to fess up to the location of loots. Pointing to a small room off the main cave, the party moved in leaving Gunnar and Hildegarde to guard the orcs, who were seemingly terrified and worried. One orc child, a male, seemed angry and defiant, but was held in check by his father, the orc with the belly wound who had been laying bandaged up.

The party found many wondrous items, to be listed at the end of the post, and divvied it up. They also found a strange magical device, of Elven origin. After consulting and investigating, they determined that it was an ancient Elven Waygate, used to instantly transport across the whole of Golarion. The party fooled with it for over 2 hours, finally learning the secret to its operation. They attempted to contact the Elves of the Mordant Spire, but the secretive magi who lived there were suspicious and refused even common courtesy. The trick to the Waygate was that two elves were necessary to open the portal, and they had to use their blood to empower the device…since Rumiel and Sara were the only two Elves in the party, the could not go through while maintaining the link and thus would be stuck at the originating spot.

On the way out of the cave, with several admonishments to stay well behaved and not attack the human settlers in the area, the defiant boy reached his peak and made threats to the party. Gunnar tried to intimidate the orcling, but it was Sara who smited him with a well placed bow shot, critically hitting and killing the child. The orcs reacted with rage, but were quelled by the threats of further violence by the large Ulfen. The party left the cave, and continued north.

Further along the way from the cave, they encountered a strange sight, a farm with an aviary. They heard the buzzing of bees, and saw a farmer tilling the ground. As they approached though, they realized that something was amiss. When the farmer turned around, the party could tell he was some sort of Zombie, and the party leaped to the attack. Two large bees, almost 3 feet long and with very strange markings flew up from their hiding spot to attack. After slaying the large Ghissic (bees that create zombies…zombees…get it? zombees? oh fuck you its funny!) they looked into the house and discovered that the entire inside was a massive hive, and they burned it to the ground.

Later that night, the party made its way to the gates of Janderhoff, a large Varisian city at the base of the Mindspur Mountains. The party agreed to keep a small camp on the outside of the city walls, as they had a visit from an Imp known to Gunnar as “Larry”. “Larry” had informed them that the wounded Orc, known to them only as Grog had seemingly made a deal with a Devil, and that he had garnered much power and was now seeking them out. The party, not wanting to bring the town of Janderhoff peril, decided to stay the night outside the gates and see if the fell creature would find them.

That night, some strange events happened in Janderhoff, and Sara who was off on her own for part of the night came back with singed hair and looking a bit weary. In the morning, the party found out that a large row of tenement style houses had burned, and that the fire had started in a vegetable sellers house and store. Nobody seemed to mourn the passing of the vegetable seller, but several other people also died and the town had called upon its local Wizard to see if he could tell what happened. The party made friends with several people there. Hildegarde and Kenson spoke to a few Dwarves who had set up shop in the town market, Quentin helped by using his Divination powers to give the Wizard some help with his investigation. After fooling around for a bit, Gunnar and the rest of the party began heading south again, to try and find the terrible beast known as Grog, so they wouldn’t be ambushed by him.

“Larry” appeared, and told them that Grog was given his power by Rashael, the Devil that had laid the curse of Ruination upon them, who was the Devil in control of the Citadel of Confusion, and that by deviating from their quest they inadvertently served Rashaels will. They questioned “Larry” a bit more, and found out he was working for a Devil named Aginor, and that Aginor wanted them to complete their quest and rescue the Lyre of Bonding.

The party discussed it, and agreed that defeating Rashael would be in their best interests, and once again headed North. Passing through Janderhoff, they warned the Hell Knights of the Nail about Grog and continued their journey.

2 days out of Janderhoff, the party saw buzzards circling in the sky. A bit later they found a large wagon, and the source of the buzzards was evident. The horse was in its traces, but halfway eaten as if by some large insect. Before they could react, a large Fire Beetle came out of the back of the wagon, and they had to slay it. After killing the large mutant bug, they found the remains of the wagon driver and his gear, all broken and worn out farm implements. They buried the poor soul and moved on.


2500, leaving you at 20001, shy of level 7.

Ring of Xray Vision (Rumiel)
Belt of Physical Perfection 4 (Hildegarde)
Ring of Invis (Kenson)
Greatsword of Frost (
3) (*something about this tickles Rumiels mind…it sounds familiar)
Orb of Storms (Quentin….yes, now he has two big glass balls)
Tome of Clear Thought +2 (Quentin)

and 4000 gold apiece, in various gems/gold pieces and sellable artwork.

Hell Knights of Korvosa
Session 6

Sara left the Church of Abadar early, and disguised herself as a Chelaxian. She met up with her party on the way to the Hell Knight Citadel. Outside, a spectacle was going on. A man was being flogged mercilessly by the Order of the Scourge. Checking about, several in the crowd gave mixed stories about the man being flogged, but all were in agreement that he was a drunkard. Upon entering the keep, in the main courtyard the party stood in line and overheard some of the people asking for help. The first plea was from a farmer on the frontier, who begged the Order of the Nail to stop attacks by monsters and raiding orcs. The next supplicant told of a problem at his massage parlor, where several clients had gotten rowdy. The unflinching Blade Master summoned a member of the Order of the Scourge to take a small contingent to the brothel, to “Ensure the safety and security of the girls there”. When the man heard this, he tried to talk his way out of it, and sought to keep the Hell Knights out of his establishment, but the Blade Master was insistent.

When the party got to the table, they gave an account of Kadeer, the black market merchant. The Blade Master suggested the party should speak to Blade Master Merrilyn of the Order of the Scourge. The Order of the Scourge is dedicated to eradicating the evil in all mens hearts, and punishes criminals, or those they think may be criminals, or those they think might become criminals, or those that used to talk to a criminal. Or just anyone they want to because they are giant dicks like that.

Blade Master Merrilyn listened dispassionately to the party, and asked several pointed questions. Sara and Gunnar and Rumiel began to understand that the Blade Master was weaseling more info out of the party, and believed it was an attempt to circumvent having to reward the party for the info and help. Summoning some Knights, the Blade Master bid them sit and wait while he gathered a bit more information. The party sat in the citadel for several hours, eating bread and cheese and sausages and drinking wine and mead. They witnessed an important looking arcanist enter the Blade Masters chamber, and a short time later they witnessed a man in irons being led in. Sara recognized the man as the member of the Sczarni that she had inadvertently met, but could not safely pass on the message. The man in irons left a short time later, but this time he was free and not arrested nor in manacles. Several minutes later, Blade Master Merrilyn announced that the Hell Knights would go to Old Korvosa, and arrest Kadeer. Gunnar was to travel with them and point out the perpetrator. The rest of the party could stay, or go as they wished. Kenson stayed, and continued to enjoy the cheeses and talk with the Hell Knights. Gunnar left with the Hell Knights and started making their way to Old Korvosa. Sara ran ahead and used alleys and swift travel to get into position to spy on the confrontation and make sure Kadeer was in the run down inn. She had changed her disguise, and now looked like a native Korvosan. Quentin got back to the Church of Abadar, and recruited Hildegarde to accompany him to the Square of Jaggere to use his crystal ball and scry on the party members.

The Hell Knight advance to Old Korvosa was deliberate and methodical. They stomped in their clanking armor and made a strong showing of force. Along the path, most people scurried out of their way. Gunnar was annoyed at first, and angry by the time they got to the bridges.

Quentin and Hildegarde set up in an out of the way spot, and scryed. The mood of the people seemed to be anticipatory, as though the whole of Korvosa knew that something was going to go down.

Indeed, as Sara got to the Inn where Kadeer usually set up shop, she noticed very very few of the merchants and other various street rats walking about. Entering the tavern, she noticed that Kadeer wasnt there. She had words with the Innkeep, who told her that “no no no, this is how it always is in his legitimate and honest Inn…how she must be mistaken because that was exactly how many patrons frequented his establishment.” He implied that she should look to do business elsewhere that day.

Gunnar and the Hell Knights got to the Inn, where they made a nice loud clanking military display of might. In a loud voice, the sergeant implied that Gunnar was the rat, and led the men there. Gunnar, realizing that he had been sold out by the Hell Knights, turned and fled when he was dismissed.

In the keep, Kenson saw 2 men enter carrying a chest. They went into the office of the Blade Master Merrilyn and later came out empty handed. Quenting was scrying on the Blade Master, and saw him open the chest and saw all the gold coins in it. Quentin, realizing that the party had been sold out by a corrupt member of the Order of the Scourge, feared for his friends. He and Hildegarde ran back to the Church of Abadar.

Fleeing Old Korvosa, Sara headed back to the Church to seek out her friends and let them know what she had found out.

Gunnar ran most of the way from Old Korvosa. Before he got too far from Old Korvosa though, the shouts and cries of “Fire!” had sprung up, and a big plume of black smoke came from the area of the Inn. Getting several strange looks, he was nervous and angry and looking for a fight when he heard someone calling to him from an alleyway. There he met an imp…he asked if it was his acquaintance “Dick” but it seemed not to know of that imp. Giving him the name “Larry”, Gunnar listened as the imp offered to hide him from those who were seeking him out. Gunnar asked about a deal, and the imp said that because he had been given the gift of a name, that he would hide Gunnar in exchange. Gunnar agreed, and stood in a small alcove in the alleyway. The imp poofed in a small cloud of sulfur and brimstone. Within seconds, 2 men speaking Varisian came towards the mouth of the alley. One stayed and guarded the exit, while the other came down and checked everything he saw. When he was standing abreast of Gunnar, he suddenly stood upright and sniffed the air, as though he smelled something bad. Jibbering away, the two men seemed to argue, and then left the area. A minute or two later, “Larry” came back and gave the all clear to Gunnar. Gunnar was also told that the church was watched, and watched by those who were big and bad enough to kill Gunnar. Gunnar thanked the imp, and ran back to the church.

When she showed up, Sara pressed for everyone to go get Kenson out of the citadel before the Hell Knights came back with the bad news and arrested the Dwarf. Rumiel and Quentin were trying to work out a way to communicate through the crystal ball, but before they could Gunnar came running back in. He hurriedly gave his account, and the party headed back to the keep.

Once there they gathered Kenson, who was engrossed in his cheese, and asked to speak to the Blade Master for the Order of the Nail. In his private office, Rumiel used shield speech to tell the Blade Master of their plight and expose the corruption in the Order of the Scourge. Sadly, the Blade Master made it clear that he was under Merrilyn in the pecking order, and that here in Korvosa the Order of the Scourge held sway. He could do nothing for them other than to urge them to leave and continue their journey. He did suggest though they could make friends with the Order of the Nail by traveling north and looking in on a problem some farmers were having. The party agreed, and headed back towards the Church of Abadar.

Once there, Rumiel and Sara went in to bid farewell to Avliel and Regliel. Avliel reminded them to speak to his great grandfather in Kaer Maga, and warned them that strangers were in the church. He also told about the poor parishioner who had died that morning…the very same degenerate gambler that they had not helped. Noticing a man watching them with a small pocket mirror held on the sly, Sara attempted to confront him on the down low, but sadly was unable to do more than spook him and make him get upset. Rumiel had Avliel delay the man while they made their escape. Rumiel led the party to the alley where the parishioner had died, and did a Blood Biography spell. He saw 2 large muscular men beating up the poor helpless man while they tried to question him about the adventurers. The party left Korvosa heading North out of the appropriately named North Bridge, and camped that night in the rolling foothills of Varisia.

After a days travel, they came upon some frontier farms. Finally seeing an ominous plume of smoke, the party found a burned out farmhouse and some slaughtered livestock. There was also a dead body. Rumiel again performed his blood divination and saw that the man had died fighting off several large orcs. Seeing that he had stabbed one with his pirchfork, Rumiel again did his spell and found out that the orcs had come from the east, towards the leading hills of the Mindspur mountains. Quentin did a divination through his crystal ball of the hapless farmer, and found him alive in some farmhouse.

Headed East, our party came upon the mouth of a cave, with 2 run down sod huts and a large sod long house outside. There was a bonfire, and stretched on a drying rack in front of it were several skins of unknown origin. The party opted for a shock and awe type of frontal assault, after Sara had snuck around the camp.

Using the Web spell, Quentin barricaded the mouth of the cave. Riding his plodding horse as fast at it would run, Gunnar charged an orc guard and leapt from the back of the beast, did a somersault in the air, and began to fight 2 of the foul creatures. Sara sniped one of the halpess beasts, who was too confused to figure out where she was. Kenson ran on his short stubby legs and gave the Orcs the option of surrendering or death, which they seemed not to understand as they promptly attacked him.

Hearing a loud road from the mouth of the cave, Rumiel announced it was in the tongues of the Giants. Several more orcs burst through the webbing, to Quentin’s dismay. He cast a fireball, and caught the majority in it, and set fire to the webbing. Sara sniped a few more times, moving and shooting until she was discovered. Gunnar had his hands full, and was unable to seriously do damage to the two orcs on him. Kenson had one in a choke hold, while another orc bashed at him ineffectively. Rumiel kept his inspirational chant, although the party could not understand it as he spoke in Orcish. After several tense moments, the party looked to be on the verge of winning, when a large troll burst through the mostly burned away webbing. The fighting was hard and several close calls as Hildegarde and Gunnar eventually took the beast down, with the help of Quentin and Sara and Rumiel.

The party heard the whimpering and grunts of the orcs in the cave, and sent Sara into it to spy out the layout and see what she could find.

EXP: 3400/ player (2400 each for all the combat, and 1000 each for ASL).

Loots have been rolled and will be divided amongst the party upon the beginning of the next session.

Korvosa is best by Devils!
Session 5

Upon landing at the docks, the party insisted on heading to the dockmasters to tell them of their findings, mostly done by Quentin the Diviner. Quentin had discovered that the plague seemed to have been started by a Devil, and carried out and distributed by their old Imp friend “Dick”. At the dockmasters, sick with the plague and seemingly uninterested, the party found little help or interest on the part of the authorities. Outside, on the docks, in a great mound were the bodies of several of the cities dead who succumbed to the devilish disease.

Suddenly, without warning, several of the dock workers turned and took an aggressive stance, and began to advance on the party. They took some defensive measures, and when Quentin unleashed a fireball onto a group of dockworkers, he found to his dismay that they were illusions cast upon Lemures, a minor Devil. Unharmed by the fire, they attacked. Fighting off the Devils was fairly easy, except for their Bearded Devil leader, who made several threats and taunts. Poofing away in a could of brimstone and ash, the Devils last words to the party were “So the Ruination has begun!”.

The party made their way back to the Church of Aroden, where they beseeched Regliel to help them in their quest. Regliel wrote several letters for the party, and explained how he was going to ask the various merchants to sell to the party at lower than normal pricing. Quentin also wanted to visit the Golarian renowned Acadamae of Magical Arts, and see if he could buy some scrolls. Sending Avliel with the party to guide them, they headed out.

Avliel was less than friendly with the party, but was seemingly well recieved on the streets. The plague had seeming run its course, and people were making recoveries. They flocked to Avliel, who gave out blessings and prayers. The party purchased several different alchemical silvered weapons, or outright silver weapons when they were out.

Sara, who had broken away from the party, made her way to Old Korvosa, known to be a den of thieves, gamblers, and the downtrodden and poor. Seeking a magical smuggler or merchant, she happened upon Kadeer, a large man known thru out the district. Observing him for several hours, she found out that he was a peddler of various magical geegaws and items, a purveyor of potions and scrolls, and that he was all in all a despicable man. He had two half orc slaves with him, whom he treated with the bare minimum respect due to a sentient being. He made several deals during the day.

After making their purchases, Rumiel, Hildegarde and Kenson made their way with some of the cure potions to the great Pyramid and Castel Korvosa, where the ruling family lived. They intended to give the cure to the family to garner a bit of good fortune and goodwill. Quentin and Avliel went to the Acadamae, and Gunnar made his way to Old Korvosa.

At the gates of the palace, Kenson, Rumiel and Hildegarde met with some strong resistance. After arguing with the Doyan (house master) and the scribe for a good while, Kenson and Rumiel noticed that the guard at the gates had subtly increased by several. There were Hellknights and the cities own guard, and withing a few minutes one of the famed city guards riding a Gryphon landed on the parapet and stood watch.

Meanwhile, Quentin found a contact willing to sell him scrolls at a lower price, outside of city regulations that required all magical purchases to go through the Acadamae.

Gunnar used his diplomacy to find out about Kadeer, and where he was. When he got to the tavern where Kadeeer was set up, he was met by a strangely dressed and disguised Sara. They shared information about Kadeer, then made their way back to the heights of Korvosa and paid homage at their temple. After that they headed back to Old Korvosa and set their sights on Kadeer.

Meanwhile, back at the Palace, Kenson, Rumiel and Hildegarde had finally begun to understand that they were in all likelihood not going to meet anyone of the royal family, and were starting to get anxious. Rumiel told them he had it all under control, and demanded to speak to the Cleric at the palace. His surety took a step backwards though when a well appointed Cleric of Zon Kuthon came down to the gates to meet with him. After sweet talking their way free, the 3 headed back to the Church of Aroden. Along the way, they noticed they were being followed from upon high…a knight on a Gryphon was tailing them. Heading to the top of a building, Rumiel, Hildegarde, and Kenson all gave the knight the full monty, and the knight having been made headed back to the roost.

Quentin, all alone after his trip to the Acadamae, got back to the Church first, where he had a small quiet conversation with Avliel the surly unlikable Elf. After that, he had a small conversation with Regliel, who surprised Quentin with the revelation that his sire would meet him in Kaer Maga, the last stop before they got onto the Storval Plateau. He hinted at several secrets that were yet to be made known to the party, and how his sire was integral to the party’s success.

Gunnar and Sara got back to the Inn where Kadeer had set up, and Gunnar finally managed to get some alone time with Kadeer. Kadeer said he would sell the traveler anything he had that Gunnar wanted, but the price was steep. Kadeer also mentioned that his nephew, a boy named Hadnan had managed to get himself into trouble with the Hell Knights, and was arrested and being held. Should Gunnar and his big sword manage to free Hadnan, Kadeer would sell his wares at an amazing 75% off.

Sara meanwhile, had followed a poor farmer out into the night. This farmer had business with Kadeer earlier, and Sara wanted his story. Seems the farmer had come onto hard times, and his wife fell ill. The farmer had come to Kadeer to request a potion to cure her, and Kadeer had sold it to him on credit against the farmers upcoming harvest. Sadly, the farmer was caught by the Hell Knights, and punished and waylaid for several days. They confiscated his potion, and when they released him when he got back to his farm, his wife was dead. All his profits went to hiring some help with his harvest, and the rest went to pay off his fine with the Hell Knights. Broke and penniless, he was paying off his debt to Kadeer in anyway possible, that day by giving his 3 prize hens. Sara gave him some silver, and sent him on his way.

Sara and Gunnar met, shared info, and Gunnar made his way back to the Church. There he saw Avliel taking a great concern over a poor peasant in the sanctuary, which seemed quite unlike the angry Elf.

Sara meanwhile followed Kadeer and his slaves, and watched them go into a boarding house. When they came back out, they did not have the strongbox/safe with them, and she followed him home. Kadeer lived on the South Shore, and had a large Hostelry/Wainright shop. He dismissed his slaves, and took his 3 chickens to his wife and several kids. Sara made her way back to the boarding house, and tried to gather information. She met an old woman, who pointed out another resident as maybe having the info she sought, but warned her that he was Sczarni, a large crime syndicate. Sara met this man briefly, but left.

The next morning, after discussing ways of dealing with Kadeer and what to do, the party began to head out to talk to the Hell Knights and turn Kadeer in, hoping that for their info the Hell Knights would allow them to pick through his wares.

Again, they saw Avliel talking to this peasant, and Rumiel this time asked him bluntly what the deal was. Avliel explained that the man was a degenerate gambler, and had apparently last night been jumped by 2 large musclebound men. These men he assumed were part of the collection crew of one of the bookies the peasant used to place his bets. Rumiel decided not to help.

XP Gained: 2500 (defeating the devils, and ASL) each.

A 3 hour tour (only it wasnt a 3 hour tour it was more like 9 days, and it wasnt a tour so much as it was being stuck in the harbor. Oh, and there was a Wyvern attack and a plague.)
Session 4

After leaving the Arch of Aroden behind, and entering the Arcadian Ocean, several days of peaceful sailing quickly passed. With 5 days to Kovosa, an ominous portent appeared..the charred hulking wreck of another sailing vessel. Searching through the rubble, the party happened upon a crate, and inside the crate was a wet bedraggled and mostly dead Cleric. The party dragged him aboard, healed him enough, and got his story. He was the Cleric to another party of searchers for the Lyre of Binding, only his ship was assailed by winged devils, fell creatures of terrible beauty and horrible vengeance. They destroyed his ship when they refused to turn back and renounce their quest. Only by hiding and protecting himself did the Cleric survive. For rescuing him, he cast Greater Circle of Protection/Evil on all the ships decks.

3 days from Korvosa, a strange illness befell the crew and party. Gunnar and his amazing health were unaffected, as was Kenson whose connection and physical perfection granted him immunity. Within days, most of the crew was overcome with terrible bowel problems, a thickening and hardening of the skin and loss of hair, and a weeping suppurating eye condition making it difficult to see. The Cleric, aided by Kenson and Gunnar tried to end the plague, but it was strangely resistant to the healing magics.

Once in Korvosa port, the Blood Raven was denied docking and landing privileges, as they were deemed dangerous and diseased. As the days wore on, all communication with the shore and dockmasters ceased. After the 6th day, running short on supplies and with men near to death, the party sent Kenson to the docks in a landing craft. As he was unaffected by the plague, he was granted leave to dock.

In the city, Kenson found the whole of Korvosa deep in the throes of the plague. Many were dying, and many others were miserable from the illness. Seeking a cleric, Kenson asked around and stumbled into the Church of Aroden, where he met a kindly but very old Elven Cleric named Regliel. Regliel had found a seeming cure, and was putting it into potion form. Telling of his plight, Kenson found the ancient Elf to be very interested, and without thought when the Elf offered his services, Kenson accepted. Taking several vials back to the ship, along with a surly quiet Elf named Avliel, Regliels grandson, Kenson and Avliel got back to the ship and distributed the cure to the party, and left the rest with the crew and captain of the Blood Raven. Saying goodbye to the ship, the party made their way back to the Church of Aroden, where they bedded down for the time being.

XP Gained: 1600 each person. (600/ for the Wyvern, 1000 each for ASL)

Quit Harping at me!!
session 3

After the Blood Raven left port and continued on the journey, Quentin took seasick and stayed in his cabin, staring eagerly and eerily into his newfound crystal ball.

Approaching the Arch of Aroden, the Blood Raven had an unusual circumstance. Gunnar and Sara, walking and helping keep watch during the night noticed a commotion towards dawn. A seemingly strange housecat had been cornered by a crew member. Upon being caught though, it betrayed its real intentions and transformed into an Imp, a type of Devil. Speaking only Infernal, the imp implied it wanted to cut a deal. Gunnar promptly attacked it, dealing a mighty blow but not killing the creature.

Sara, being the only one awake who could speak to it, stopped Gunnar and told the imp that they could not make deals without talking to her entire party. The imp declared that the deal was simple, turn back from the journey and give up the quest for the Lyre of Binding, and in return Hell would grant the entire party anything they wanted. Again, Sara deferred, asking that the imp give her time to discuss it. The imp boldly told Sara that they faced certain doom and Ruination if they did not accept the deal. Giving her 8 hours to discuss it with her friends and promising not to bring Ruination upon her party, the imp poofed away in a cloud of sulfurous odor.

As the morning dawned, and the Arch of Aroden became clear, suddenly some of the crew began acting weird. Poor Hildegarde was also stricken immobile by a loud and eerie song, and 4 Harpies began attacking the ship. Gunnar, Kenson, Sara and Rumiel, all on board, helped fight off and slay the evil creatures. The final fight with the most powerful harpy was ended abruptly by a well placed blow from Gunnar.

After the 8 hours, the imp reappeared, and this time Rumiel helped converse with it. Rumiel, being somewhat more antagonistic to the imp than Sara had been, promptly began calling the imp “Dick”, and the imp thanked Rumiel for his new name.

Again the imp told them that they faced the Ruination. The party, angered by the attack from the harpies whom they assumed the imp had sent, threatened to attack poor “Dick”. “Dick” assured them that indeed he had lived up to the very letter of their bargain, insisting that Ruination meant killing their family to 2 generations, killing all their friends and acquaintances, burning down all the houses and places they had ever been, leaving them penniless and hated by everyone henceforth before torturing them to death. As he had only goaded the harpies, who were prone to attack anyhow, he had not brought Ruination upon them.

The party, somewhat annoyed by "Dick"’s lawyering, continued to discuss with him how the deal would work. After talking about it amongst themselves, and coming to a unanimous decision that they could not quit the quest, they told him no.

“Dick” told them that they faced the wrath of “Rashael” (pronounced Ra-sha-el) and urged the party to reconsider. When they said no again, “Dick” sighed and told them that he had no other alternative but to inform “Rashael” and that they faced Ruination.

Immediately popping out of view, the Blood Raven suddenly gave a mighty lurch, and the party saw 4 enormous tentacles pop out of the water on the port side of the ship. A giant octopus had attacked! They fought the giant octopus, and while Hildegarde was again on the receiving end of bad luck and dragged overboard by the beast, and then in danger of drowning after a well placed bowshot from Sara drove the beast away from the ship, Rumiel shot the tentacle holding her, and while Hildgarde tread water long enough for Rumiel to summon a magical dolphin who carried her to the boat.

The party was in grave danger, and all of them faced injuries from their ordeals. As that day ended though, a new form of torment appeared…one of the crew members was suddenly attacked, and being hit by a giant flaming arrow was pinned against the mast of the ship and killed instantly.

After putting out the fire, Rumiel demanded that “Dick” appear, and with another poof of noxious odor, he did. Rumiel began bargaining with “Dick” and told him that in no uncertain terms the party was seperate from the ship and crew of the Blood Raven, that they were bound for Korvosa in Varisia anyhow and made a deal that they would face “Dick” and work out something when they arrived, and that “Rashael” and the Ruination should wait until then.

“Dick” looked at him evenly, and said the following:

“Very well, mortal…Rashael will cease his attacks against you, and stave off the Ruination until you arrive in Korvosa.” He then poofed away again.

Total XP: 2121 each (total should be 10,001) thus elevating you to level 5.
Lewts! : Sadly, the harpies had old lousy weapons that were essentially worthless, except for the leader that had a Masterwork (Somethingorother, i kinda forgot but I dont think anyone wanted it).

Daze at Sea
session 2

It took a few days at sea before the entire party got their “sea legs”. Every so often, the party saw the BloodRaven pass other ships in the distance, and even though it had left port 1 to 2 days after several other boats, it appeared as though the party chose wisely and were gaining ground.

On the 3rd night, while the crew was below deck resting and eating, with just a small crew working the sails and piloting the ship, a small pirate vessel came upon the BloodRaven unexpectedly, and the pirates attacked. The party fought a few tense moments, dispatching 10 of the foe and what seemed to be a captain or leader, 11 dead bad guys. Hildegard and Gunnar both took a lot of hits, and Quintin was wounded as well. However, after driving off the pirate vessel (guided by magic), the party rested and healed with Rumil’s help and assistance. Recovery took 3 days, but by that point everyone was feeling back to normal.

The captain presented an option…go to the Chelaxian port ahead and re-equip water and supplies, or continue on past the Arch of Aroden and try to find a port along the western most border of Cheliax. As the port ahead was one of the largest, and last one before entering the treacherous pass and pirate infested waters, our party decided to go to port sooner rather than later.

The party walked around town, gathering information and listening to rumors. They found a tragedy had just happened…a small war band of Ogres had come close to town, butchering the outlaying farmers and laying waste to the crops and tradespeople there. Our party discussed it, and while the monk stayed on board the ship to ensure they would wait, the rest of the party headed out to the outlaying farms.

After searching and tracking the foul beasts to the ruined center of a small town, the party searched and found 3 of the Ogres hiding in the buildings. A fight ensued, and the party was victorious again, although they took several strong blows from the fell monsters.

Looting the village, as per their agreement with the port city, our heroes sold off many of the masterwork weapons. They gathered the 2000gp reward. They found several magical trinkets and spread them around the party.

Total XP per person: 1880

Gear: Choice of masterwork weapons (within reason)
4 Cure Light Wound potions
1 Detect Undead potion
1 Jump potion
Wand of Grease
Ring of Sustenance
Crystal Ball
and 375 gp each, plus the 400 each after the 2k split for the reward. (775 each).

The Hunt Begins
session 1

The hunt began at the Inn of the Purple Cockatrice in Westcrown. The PC’s walked around, meeting and greeting many of the other hunters, a wide variety of interesting people. They included, but were not limited to:

Sir Honeywell – a noted Cavalier, of the Dragon Order. Wearing gilded plate, with an impressive array of weaponry and ornate armor. He is rumored to have left for the hunt overland, one of the few to do so.

Group of Mystics – Not much is known of these strangers, although they are rumored to be from far off Vudra. They didn’t speak in a language that anyone understood, with one exception whose accent and word pronunciation was very difficult to understand. They had yet to leave, rumored to be sitting in a circle chanting and fasting.

2 Hellknights – These men look dangerous and move as if very intimate with combat. Dark skin, dark hair, and dark eyes, with more than hint of malice and anger, very few spoke to them. They are rumored to be of the Order of the Nail, a Hellknight order.

A few others to be detailed later.

The party decided to try and hire a large sailing vessel, not one of the smaller and more intimate “coasters” which were cheaper and safer, traveling along the coastlines.

Quintin Quigley asked his Diviner master to conduct a divination, and the result was a vision of 2 birds fighting in the sky, one a raven. The raven was covered in blood.

Rumil, Sara, Gunnar and Hildegarde all went to the docks to try and hire a captain and vessel. After a bit, and being discouraged by all the hullabaloo down at the docks, Rumil and Gunnar went into a few taverns inquiring about which captain and ship were the fastest around. They were given a few names, but the one that kept coming up was the “BloodRaven”, a ship of the deep sea and a very savvy captain. They went to the Dockmaster’s office to seek him out. Rumil and Sara negotiated with the captain, and were left with a big challenge to try and find him a reason to head west into Varisia, when he had a large value opportunity to head west towards Absalom instead. In a sudden happenstance of good fortune, Rumil was able to find a trader from Absalom who was seeking to unload his cargo of pig-iron, a very good trade good worth a lot of money in Varisia. Further negotiation made the captain of the BloodRaven agree to ferry the party to Korvosa, with additional services. Sara and Gunnar, both Calistrian Prostitutes were to provide “comfort” for the crew free of charge, and the entire party was to help with the safety and defense of the ship.

As the crew prepared to leave, a small group of thugs confronted the captain at the docks. The captain suggested this was the first chance to help provide security, and the party laid waste to the thugs fairly easily.

Total XP: 2700 per person


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