Scavenger Hunted

The Hunt Begins

session 1

The hunt began at the Inn of the Purple Cockatrice in Westcrown. The PC’s walked around, meeting and greeting many of the other hunters, a wide variety of interesting people. They included, but were not limited to:

Sir Honeywell – a noted Cavalier, of the Dragon Order. Wearing gilded plate, with an impressive array of weaponry and ornate armor. He is rumored to have left for the hunt overland, one of the few to do so.

Group of Mystics – Not much is known of these strangers, although they are rumored to be from far off Vudra. They didn’t speak in a language that anyone understood, with one exception whose accent and word pronunciation was very difficult to understand. They had yet to leave, rumored to be sitting in a circle chanting and fasting.

2 Hellknights – These men look dangerous and move as if very intimate with combat. Dark skin, dark hair, and dark eyes, with more than hint of malice and anger, very few spoke to them. They are rumored to be of the Order of the Nail, a Hellknight order.

A few others to be detailed later.

The party decided to try and hire a large sailing vessel, not one of the smaller and more intimate “coasters” which were cheaper and safer, traveling along the coastlines.

Quintin Quigley asked his Diviner master to conduct a divination, and the result was a vision of 2 birds fighting in the sky, one a raven. The raven was covered in blood.

Rumil, Sara, Gunnar and Hildegarde all went to the docks to try and hire a captain and vessel. After a bit, and being discouraged by all the hullabaloo down at the docks, Rumil and Gunnar went into a few taverns inquiring about which captain and ship were the fastest around. They were given a few names, but the one that kept coming up was the “BloodRaven”, a ship of the deep sea and a very savvy captain. They went to the Dockmaster’s office to seek him out. Rumil and Sara negotiated with the captain, and were left with a big challenge to try and find him a reason to head west into Varisia, when he had a large value opportunity to head west towards Absalom instead. In a sudden happenstance of good fortune, Rumil was able to find a trader from Absalom who was seeking to unload his cargo of pig-iron, a very good trade good worth a lot of money in Varisia. Further negotiation made the captain of the BloodRaven agree to ferry the party to Korvosa, with additional services. Sara and Gunnar, both Calistrian Prostitutes were to provide “comfort” for the crew free of charge, and the entire party was to help with the safety and defense of the ship.

As the crew prepared to leave, a small group of thugs confronted the captain at the docks. The captain suggested this was the first chance to help provide security, and the party laid waste to the thugs fairly easily.

Total XP: 2700 per person



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