Scavenger Hunted

The Faire, where you can dance if you want to, you can leave your friends behind, because your friends dont dance and if they dont dance well, they're no friends of mine!

Session 8

Continuing on from the dead wagon driver and the remains of the Giant Fire Beetle, the party again came across a much larger wagon caravan. The party talked with them through the help of Rumiel, master of languages and found out they were going to a large faire/carnival put on by the Native Varisians. Called the Travelling People, or Tinkers, they were known for putting on a great time, replete with shows, fortune telling, food, minor tool/metal repair and the like. It was a great place to rest and one of the more interesting sights to Varisia.

The party arrived and set up a small camp. While there, several of the party members got their fortunes read by the Harrower, an ancient woman with few teeth who read the Harrow cards and foretold much dismay and death. Gunnar was thrilled by this news, but the others perhaps caught more of the warning. Sara also found out that one of the small clans of Travelling People had gone missing, and not reported in. With the help of Quentin, they determined a likely path to where they were, and Quentin had a vision of the sister of the Harrow reader being raped and tortured and kept hostage.

Heading out, they traveled most of a day, and came across the wagons. They approached, and talked to the Tinkers, hoping to get some answers. The Varisians seemed cagey and wouldnt answer, so Rumiel used a spell to get them to answer truthfully, and when questioned the one guy admitted they had cut a deal with the Devil to kill the party. The rest of his guys shouted out in Varisian (DUDE!) and they attacked.

The fight was a lot tougher than the party expected, and very quickly Gunnar was cut down. Kenson also had his hands full, and his unique grappling style of combat quickly turned against him as the tinkers knocked him unconcious. Hildegarde had been able to weather a lot of the combat so far, but she was wounded. Rumiel and Quentin both had their hands full, and Quentin was running out of spells and had been mauled badly and was bleeding profusely. Sara was still ok, and her sniping style of attack had been very good so far, but sadly there were still 3 of the Tinkers and their Cleric, and all were mostly at good health. Rumiel was concerned and thought the party was in danger of falling, when he saw a small imp sitting idly in the fire of the burning Argos (large wagon).

He spoke to the Devil, but didn’t want to make a deal blindly. Sara however, saw the dire straights and agreed to a personal deal…the Imp would bring help and heal the rest of the party. With the accord, suddenly a large Bharghest appeared, and in one bite slew one of the tinkers and wounded another. Within seconds, the large beast had killed the cleric, while Hildegarde ran down the last man and slew him.

The party was healed by some magical flames, leaving a sulphurous odor about the party. The looted the group of Tinkers, rescued the wounded Harrow reader and continued North to Kaer Maga. They arrived on the outskirts of town, at the base of the waterfall and long rocky hill up, where they rested and began to debate about what to do next.


Rob and Randy wrote them down, so I’ll post it next!


6200! this is 5300 just for combat, plus another 900 for ASL! This makes the party 7th level, and according to my calculations puts everyone at a total of 26201!




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