Scavenger Hunted

Quit Harping at me!!

session 3

After the Blood Raven left port and continued on the journey, Quentin took seasick and stayed in his cabin, staring eagerly and eerily into his newfound crystal ball.

Approaching the Arch of Aroden, the Blood Raven had an unusual circumstance. Gunnar and Sara, walking and helping keep watch during the night noticed a commotion towards dawn. A seemingly strange housecat had been cornered by a crew member. Upon being caught though, it betrayed its real intentions and transformed into an Imp, a type of Devil. Speaking only Infernal, the imp implied it wanted to cut a deal. Gunnar promptly attacked it, dealing a mighty blow but not killing the creature.

Sara, being the only one awake who could speak to it, stopped Gunnar and told the imp that they could not make deals without talking to her entire party. The imp declared that the deal was simple, turn back from the journey and give up the quest for the Lyre of Binding, and in return Hell would grant the entire party anything they wanted. Again, Sara deferred, asking that the imp give her time to discuss it. The imp boldly told Sara that they faced certain doom and Ruination if they did not accept the deal. Giving her 8 hours to discuss it with her friends and promising not to bring Ruination upon her party, the imp poofed away in a cloud of sulfurous odor.

As the morning dawned, and the Arch of Aroden became clear, suddenly some of the crew began acting weird. Poor Hildegarde was also stricken immobile by a loud and eerie song, and 4 Harpies began attacking the ship. Gunnar, Kenson, Sara and Rumiel, all on board, helped fight off and slay the evil creatures. The final fight with the most powerful harpy was ended abruptly by a well placed blow from Gunnar.

After the 8 hours, the imp reappeared, and this time Rumiel helped converse with it. Rumiel, being somewhat more antagonistic to the imp than Sara had been, promptly began calling the imp “Dick”, and the imp thanked Rumiel for his new name.

Again the imp told them that they faced the Ruination. The party, angered by the attack from the harpies whom they assumed the imp had sent, threatened to attack poor “Dick”. “Dick” assured them that indeed he had lived up to the very letter of their bargain, insisting that Ruination meant killing their family to 2 generations, killing all their friends and acquaintances, burning down all the houses and places they had ever been, leaving them penniless and hated by everyone henceforth before torturing them to death. As he had only goaded the harpies, who were prone to attack anyhow, he had not brought Ruination upon them.

The party, somewhat annoyed by "Dick"’s lawyering, continued to discuss with him how the deal would work. After talking about it amongst themselves, and coming to a unanimous decision that they could not quit the quest, they told him no.

“Dick” told them that they faced the wrath of “Rashael” (pronounced Ra-sha-el) and urged the party to reconsider. When they said no again, “Dick” sighed and told them that he had no other alternative but to inform “Rashael” and that they faced Ruination.

Immediately popping out of view, the Blood Raven suddenly gave a mighty lurch, and the party saw 4 enormous tentacles pop out of the water on the port side of the ship. A giant octopus had attacked! They fought the giant octopus, and while Hildegarde was again on the receiving end of bad luck and dragged overboard by the beast, and then in danger of drowning after a well placed bowshot from Sara drove the beast away from the ship, Rumiel shot the tentacle holding her, and while Hildgarde tread water long enough for Rumiel to summon a magical dolphin who carried her to the boat.

The party was in grave danger, and all of them faced injuries from their ordeals. As that day ended though, a new form of torment appeared…one of the crew members was suddenly attacked, and being hit by a giant flaming arrow was pinned against the mast of the ship and killed instantly.

After putting out the fire, Rumiel demanded that “Dick” appear, and with another poof of noxious odor, he did. Rumiel began bargaining with “Dick” and told him that in no uncertain terms the party was seperate from the ship and crew of the Blood Raven, that they were bound for Korvosa in Varisia anyhow and made a deal that they would face “Dick” and work out something when they arrived, and that “Rashael” and the Ruination should wait until then.

“Dick” looked at him evenly, and said the following:

“Very well, mortal…Rashael will cease his attacks against you, and stave off the Ruination until you arrive in Korvosa.” He then poofed away again.

Total XP: 2121 each (total should be 10,001) thus elevating you to level 5.
Lewts! : Sadly, the harpies had old lousy weapons that were essentially worthless, except for the leader that had a Masterwork (Somethingorother, i kinda forgot but I dont think anyone wanted it).



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