Scavenger Hunted

Korvosa is best by Devils!

Session 5

Upon landing at the docks, the party insisted on heading to the dockmasters to tell them of their findings, mostly done by Quentin the Diviner. Quentin had discovered that the plague seemed to have been started by a Devil, and carried out and distributed by their old Imp friend “Dick”. At the dockmasters, sick with the plague and seemingly uninterested, the party found little help or interest on the part of the authorities. Outside, on the docks, in a great mound were the bodies of several of the cities dead who succumbed to the devilish disease.

Suddenly, without warning, several of the dock workers turned and took an aggressive stance, and began to advance on the party. They took some defensive measures, and when Quentin unleashed a fireball onto a group of dockworkers, he found to his dismay that they were illusions cast upon Lemures, a minor Devil. Unharmed by the fire, they attacked. Fighting off the Devils was fairly easy, except for their Bearded Devil leader, who made several threats and taunts. Poofing away in a could of brimstone and ash, the Devils last words to the party were “So the Ruination has begun!”.

The party made their way back to the Church of Aroden, where they beseeched Regliel to help them in their quest. Regliel wrote several letters for the party, and explained how he was going to ask the various merchants to sell to the party at lower than normal pricing. Quentin also wanted to visit the Golarian renowned Acadamae of Magical Arts, and see if he could buy some scrolls. Sending Avliel with the party to guide them, they headed out.

Avliel was less than friendly with the party, but was seemingly well recieved on the streets. The plague had seeming run its course, and people were making recoveries. They flocked to Avliel, who gave out blessings and prayers. The party purchased several different alchemical silvered weapons, or outright silver weapons when they were out.

Sara, who had broken away from the party, made her way to Old Korvosa, known to be a den of thieves, gamblers, and the downtrodden and poor. Seeking a magical smuggler or merchant, she happened upon Kadeer, a large man known thru out the district. Observing him for several hours, she found out that he was a peddler of various magical geegaws and items, a purveyor of potions and scrolls, and that he was all in all a despicable man. He had two half orc slaves with him, whom he treated with the bare minimum respect due to a sentient being. He made several deals during the day.

After making their purchases, Rumiel, Hildegarde and Kenson made their way with some of the cure potions to the great Pyramid and Castel Korvosa, where the ruling family lived. They intended to give the cure to the family to garner a bit of good fortune and goodwill. Quentin and Avliel went to the Acadamae, and Gunnar made his way to Old Korvosa.

At the gates of the palace, Kenson, Rumiel and Hildegarde met with some strong resistance. After arguing with the Doyan (house master) and the scribe for a good while, Kenson and Rumiel noticed that the guard at the gates had subtly increased by several. There were Hellknights and the cities own guard, and withing a few minutes one of the famed city guards riding a Gryphon landed on the parapet and stood watch.

Meanwhile, Quentin found a contact willing to sell him scrolls at a lower price, outside of city regulations that required all magical purchases to go through the Acadamae.

Gunnar used his diplomacy to find out about Kadeer, and where he was. When he got to the tavern where Kadeeer was set up, he was met by a strangely dressed and disguised Sara. They shared information about Kadeer, then made their way back to the heights of Korvosa and paid homage at their temple. After that they headed back to Old Korvosa and set their sights on Kadeer.

Meanwhile, back at the Palace, Kenson, Rumiel and Hildegarde had finally begun to understand that they were in all likelihood not going to meet anyone of the royal family, and were starting to get anxious. Rumiel told them he had it all under control, and demanded to speak to the Cleric at the palace. His surety took a step backwards though when a well appointed Cleric of Zon Kuthon came down to the gates to meet with him. After sweet talking their way free, the 3 headed back to the Church of Aroden. Along the way, they noticed they were being followed from upon high…a knight on a Gryphon was tailing them. Heading to the top of a building, Rumiel, Hildegarde, and Kenson all gave the knight the full monty, and the knight having been made headed back to the roost.

Quentin, all alone after his trip to the Acadamae, got back to the Church first, where he had a small quiet conversation with Avliel the surly unlikable Elf. After that, he had a small conversation with Regliel, who surprised Quentin with the revelation that his sire would meet him in Kaer Maga, the last stop before they got onto the Storval Plateau. He hinted at several secrets that were yet to be made known to the party, and how his sire was integral to the party’s success.

Gunnar and Sara got back to the Inn where Kadeer had set up, and Gunnar finally managed to get some alone time with Kadeer. Kadeer said he would sell the traveler anything he had that Gunnar wanted, but the price was steep. Kadeer also mentioned that his nephew, a boy named Hadnan had managed to get himself into trouble with the Hell Knights, and was arrested and being held. Should Gunnar and his big sword manage to free Hadnan, Kadeer would sell his wares at an amazing 75% off.

Sara meanwhile, had followed a poor farmer out into the night. This farmer had business with Kadeer earlier, and Sara wanted his story. Seems the farmer had come onto hard times, and his wife fell ill. The farmer had come to Kadeer to request a potion to cure her, and Kadeer had sold it to him on credit against the farmers upcoming harvest. Sadly, the farmer was caught by the Hell Knights, and punished and waylaid for several days. They confiscated his potion, and when they released him when he got back to his farm, his wife was dead. All his profits went to hiring some help with his harvest, and the rest went to pay off his fine with the Hell Knights. Broke and penniless, he was paying off his debt to Kadeer in anyway possible, that day by giving his 3 prize hens. Sara gave him some silver, and sent him on his way.

Sara and Gunnar met, shared info, and Gunnar made his way back to the Church. There he saw Avliel taking a great concern over a poor peasant in the sanctuary, which seemed quite unlike the angry Elf.

Sara meanwhile followed Kadeer and his slaves, and watched them go into a boarding house. When they came back out, they did not have the strongbox/safe with them, and she followed him home. Kadeer lived on the South Shore, and had a large Hostelry/Wainright shop. He dismissed his slaves, and took his 3 chickens to his wife and several kids. Sara made her way back to the boarding house, and tried to gather information. She met an old woman, who pointed out another resident as maybe having the info she sought, but warned her that he was Sczarni, a large crime syndicate. Sara met this man briefly, but left.

The next morning, after discussing ways of dealing with Kadeer and what to do, the party began to head out to talk to the Hell Knights and turn Kadeer in, hoping that for their info the Hell Knights would allow them to pick through his wares.

Again, they saw Avliel talking to this peasant, and Rumiel this time asked him bluntly what the deal was. Avliel explained that the man was a degenerate gambler, and had apparently last night been jumped by 2 large musclebound men. These men he assumed were part of the collection crew of one of the bookies the peasant used to place his bets. Rumiel decided not to help.

XP Gained: 2500 (defeating the devils, and ASL) each.



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