Scavenger Hunted

Hell Knights of Korvosa

Session 6

Sara left the Church of Abadar early, and disguised herself as a Chelaxian. She met up with her party on the way to the Hell Knight Citadel. Outside, a spectacle was going on. A man was being flogged mercilessly by the Order of the Scourge. Checking about, several in the crowd gave mixed stories about the man being flogged, but all were in agreement that he was a drunkard. Upon entering the keep, in the main courtyard the party stood in line and overheard some of the people asking for help. The first plea was from a farmer on the frontier, who begged the Order of the Nail to stop attacks by monsters and raiding orcs. The next supplicant told of a problem at his massage parlor, where several clients had gotten rowdy. The unflinching Blade Master summoned a member of the Order of the Scourge to take a small contingent to the brothel, to “Ensure the safety and security of the girls there”. When the man heard this, he tried to talk his way out of it, and sought to keep the Hell Knights out of his establishment, but the Blade Master was insistent.

When the party got to the table, they gave an account of Kadeer, the black market merchant. The Blade Master suggested the party should speak to Blade Master Merrilyn of the Order of the Scourge. The Order of the Scourge is dedicated to eradicating the evil in all mens hearts, and punishes criminals, or those they think may be criminals, or those they think might become criminals, or those that used to talk to a criminal. Or just anyone they want to because they are giant dicks like that.

Blade Master Merrilyn listened dispassionately to the party, and asked several pointed questions. Sara and Gunnar and Rumiel began to understand that the Blade Master was weaseling more info out of the party, and believed it was an attempt to circumvent having to reward the party for the info and help. Summoning some Knights, the Blade Master bid them sit and wait while he gathered a bit more information. The party sat in the citadel for several hours, eating bread and cheese and sausages and drinking wine and mead. They witnessed an important looking arcanist enter the Blade Masters chamber, and a short time later they witnessed a man in irons being led in. Sara recognized the man as the member of the Sczarni that she had inadvertently met, but could not safely pass on the message. The man in irons left a short time later, but this time he was free and not arrested nor in manacles. Several minutes later, Blade Master Merrilyn announced that the Hell Knights would go to Old Korvosa, and arrest Kadeer. Gunnar was to travel with them and point out the perpetrator. The rest of the party could stay, or go as they wished. Kenson stayed, and continued to enjoy the cheeses and talk with the Hell Knights. Gunnar left with the Hell Knights and started making their way to Old Korvosa. Sara ran ahead and used alleys and swift travel to get into position to spy on the confrontation and make sure Kadeer was in the run down inn. She had changed her disguise, and now looked like a native Korvosan. Quentin got back to the Church of Abadar, and recruited Hildegarde to accompany him to the Square of Jaggere to use his crystal ball and scry on the party members.

The Hell Knight advance to Old Korvosa was deliberate and methodical. They stomped in their clanking armor and made a strong showing of force. Along the path, most people scurried out of their way. Gunnar was annoyed at first, and angry by the time they got to the bridges.

Quentin and Hildegarde set up in an out of the way spot, and scryed. The mood of the people seemed to be anticipatory, as though the whole of Korvosa knew that something was going to go down.

Indeed, as Sara got to the Inn where Kadeer usually set up shop, she noticed very very few of the merchants and other various street rats walking about. Entering the tavern, she noticed that Kadeer wasnt there. She had words with the Innkeep, who told her that “no no no, this is how it always is in his legitimate and honest Inn…how she must be mistaken because that was exactly how many patrons frequented his establishment.” He implied that she should look to do business elsewhere that day.

Gunnar and the Hell Knights got to the Inn, where they made a nice loud clanking military display of might. In a loud voice, the sergeant implied that Gunnar was the rat, and led the men there. Gunnar, realizing that he had been sold out by the Hell Knights, turned and fled when he was dismissed.

In the keep, Kenson saw 2 men enter carrying a chest. They went into the office of the Blade Master Merrilyn and later came out empty handed. Quenting was scrying on the Blade Master, and saw him open the chest and saw all the gold coins in it. Quentin, realizing that the party had been sold out by a corrupt member of the Order of the Scourge, feared for his friends. He and Hildegarde ran back to the Church of Abadar.

Fleeing Old Korvosa, Sara headed back to the Church to seek out her friends and let them know what she had found out.

Gunnar ran most of the way from Old Korvosa. Before he got too far from Old Korvosa though, the shouts and cries of “Fire!” had sprung up, and a big plume of black smoke came from the area of the Inn. Getting several strange looks, he was nervous and angry and looking for a fight when he heard someone calling to him from an alleyway. There he met an imp…he asked if it was his acquaintance “Dick” but it seemed not to know of that imp. Giving him the name “Larry”, Gunnar listened as the imp offered to hide him from those who were seeking him out. Gunnar asked about a deal, and the imp said that because he had been given the gift of a name, that he would hide Gunnar in exchange. Gunnar agreed, and stood in a small alcove in the alleyway. The imp poofed in a small cloud of sulfur and brimstone. Within seconds, 2 men speaking Varisian came towards the mouth of the alley. One stayed and guarded the exit, while the other came down and checked everything he saw. When he was standing abreast of Gunnar, he suddenly stood upright and sniffed the air, as though he smelled something bad. Jibbering away, the two men seemed to argue, and then left the area. A minute or two later, “Larry” came back and gave the all clear to Gunnar. Gunnar was also told that the church was watched, and watched by those who were big and bad enough to kill Gunnar. Gunnar thanked the imp, and ran back to the church.

When she showed up, Sara pressed for everyone to go get Kenson out of the citadel before the Hell Knights came back with the bad news and arrested the Dwarf. Rumiel and Quentin were trying to work out a way to communicate through the crystal ball, but before they could Gunnar came running back in. He hurriedly gave his account, and the party headed back to the keep.

Once there they gathered Kenson, who was engrossed in his cheese, and asked to speak to the Blade Master for the Order of the Nail. In his private office, Rumiel used shield speech to tell the Blade Master of their plight and expose the corruption in the Order of the Scourge. Sadly, the Blade Master made it clear that he was under Merrilyn in the pecking order, and that here in Korvosa the Order of the Scourge held sway. He could do nothing for them other than to urge them to leave and continue their journey. He did suggest though they could make friends with the Order of the Nail by traveling north and looking in on a problem some farmers were having. The party agreed, and headed back towards the Church of Abadar.

Once there, Rumiel and Sara went in to bid farewell to Avliel and Regliel. Avliel reminded them to speak to his great grandfather in Kaer Maga, and warned them that strangers were in the church. He also told about the poor parishioner who had died that morning…the very same degenerate gambler that they had not helped. Noticing a man watching them with a small pocket mirror held on the sly, Sara attempted to confront him on the down low, but sadly was unable to do more than spook him and make him get upset. Rumiel had Avliel delay the man while they made their escape. Rumiel led the party to the alley where the parishioner had died, and did a Blood Biography spell. He saw 2 large muscular men beating up the poor helpless man while they tried to question him about the adventurers. The party left Korvosa heading North out of the appropriately named North Bridge, and camped that night in the rolling foothills of Varisia.

After a days travel, they came upon some frontier farms. Finally seeing an ominous plume of smoke, the party found a burned out farmhouse and some slaughtered livestock. There was also a dead body. Rumiel again performed his blood divination and saw that the man had died fighting off several large orcs. Seeing that he had stabbed one with his pirchfork, Rumiel again did his spell and found out that the orcs had come from the east, towards the leading hills of the Mindspur mountains. Quentin did a divination through his crystal ball of the hapless farmer, and found him alive in some farmhouse.

Headed East, our party came upon the mouth of a cave, with 2 run down sod huts and a large sod long house outside. There was a bonfire, and stretched on a drying rack in front of it were several skins of unknown origin. The party opted for a shock and awe type of frontal assault, after Sara had snuck around the camp.

Using the Web spell, Quentin barricaded the mouth of the cave. Riding his plodding horse as fast at it would run, Gunnar charged an orc guard and leapt from the back of the beast, did a somersault in the air, and began to fight 2 of the foul creatures. Sara sniped one of the halpess beasts, who was too confused to figure out where she was. Kenson ran on his short stubby legs and gave the Orcs the option of surrendering or death, which they seemed not to understand as they promptly attacked him.

Hearing a loud road from the mouth of the cave, Rumiel announced it was in the tongues of the Giants. Several more orcs burst through the webbing, to Quentin’s dismay. He cast a fireball, and caught the majority in it, and set fire to the webbing. Sara sniped a few more times, moving and shooting until she was discovered. Gunnar had his hands full, and was unable to seriously do damage to the two orcs on him. Kenson had one in a choke hold, while another orc bashed at him ineffectively. Rumiel kept his inspirational chant, although the party could not understand it as he spoke in Orcish. After several tense moments, the party looked to be on the verge of winning, when a large troll burst through the mostly burned away webbing. The fighting was hard and several close calls as Hildegarde and Gunnar eventually took the beast down, with the help of Quentin and Sara and Rumiel.

The party heard the whimpering and grunts of the orcs in the cave, and sent Sara into it to spy out the layout and see what she could find.

EXP: 3400/ player (2400 each for all the combat, and 1000 each for ASL).

Loots have been rolled and will be divided amongst the party upon the beginning of the next session.



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