Scavenger Hunted

Daze at Sea

session 2

It took a few days at sea before the entire party got their “sea legs”. Every so often, the party saw the BloodRaven pass other ships in the distance, and even though it had left port 1 to 2 days after several other boats, it appeared as though the party chose wisely and were gaining ground.

On the 3rd night, while the crew was below deck resting and eating, with just a small crew working the sails and piloting the ship, a small pirate vessel came upon the BloodRaven unexpectedly, and the pirates attacked. The party fought a few tense moments, dispatching 10 of the foe and what seemed to be a captain or leader, 11 dead bad guys. Hildegard and Gunnar both took a lot of hits, and Quintin was wounded as well. However, after driving off the pirate vessel (guided by magic), the party rested and healed with Rumil’s help and assistance. Recovery took 3 days, but by that point everyone was feeling back to normal.

The captain presented an option…go to the Chelaxian port ahead and re-equip water and supplies, or continue on past the Arch of Aroden and try to find a port along the western most border of Cheliax. As the port ahead was one of the largest, and last one before entering the treacherous pass and pirate infested waters, our party decided to go to port sooner rather than later.

The party walked around town, gathering information and listening to rumors. They found a tragedy had just happened…a small war band of Ogres had come close to town, butchering the outlaying farmers and laying waste to the crops and tradespeople there. Our party discussed it, and while the monk stayed on board the ship to ensure they would wait, the rest of the party headed out to the outlaying farms.

After searching and tracking the foul beasts to the ruined center of a small town, the party searched and found 3 of the Ogres hiding in the buildings. A fight ensued, and the party was victorious again, although they took several strong blows from the fell monsters.

Looting the village, as per their agreement with the port city, our heroes sold off many of the masterwork weapons. They gathered the 2000gp reward. They found several magical trinkets and spread them around the party.

Total XP per person: 1880

Gear: Choice of masterwork weapons (within reason)
4 Cure Light Wound potions
1 Detect Undead potion
1 Jump potion
Wand of Grease
Ring of Sustenance
Crystal Ball
and 375 gp each, plus the 400 each after the 2k split for the reward. (775 each).



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