Scavenger Hunted

Cave of Destiny! (or how a nameless NPC orc, designed to be slaughtered and mercilously destroyed has now become an interesting side quest and semi-important plot line!)

Session 7

Checking out the cave, our party discovered the lair where the Troll had bedded down, and went further into the cave. There they came across a bunch of Orc families, women and children mostly. Rumiel, ever the enchanting used a spell to convince the orcs to fess up to the location of loots. Pointing to a small room off the main cave, the party moved in leaving Gunnar and Hildegarde to guard the orcs, who were seemingly terrified and worried. One orc child, a male, seemed angry and defiant, but was held in check by his father, the orc with the belly wound who had been laying bandaged up.

The party found many wondrous items, to be listed at the end of the post, and divvied it up. They also found a strange magical device, of Elven origin. After consulting and investigating, they determined that it was an ancient Elven Waygate, used to instantly transport across the whole of Golarion. The party fooled with it for over 2 hours, finally learning the secret to its operation. They attempted to contact the Elves of the Mordant Spire, but the secretive magi who lived there were suspicious and refused even common courtesy. The trick to the Waygate was that two elves were necessary to open the portal, and they had to use their blood to empower the device…since Rumiel and Sara were the only two Elves in the party, the could not go through while maintaining the link and thus would be stuck at the originating spot.

On the way out of the cave, with several admonishments to stay well behaved and not attack the human settlers in the area, the defiant boy reached his peak and made threats to the party. Gunnar tried to intimidate the orcling, but it was Sara who smited him with a well placed bow shot, critically hitting and killing the child. The orcs reacted with rage, but were quelled by the threats of further violence by the large Ulfen. The party left the cave, and continued north.

Further along the way from the cave, they encountered a strange sight, a farm with an aviary. They heard the buzzing of bees, and saw a farmer tilling the ground. As they approached though, they realized that something was amiss. When the farmer turned around, the party could tell he was some sort of Zombie, and the party leaped to the attack. Two large bees, almost 3 feet long and with very strange markings flew up from their hiding spot to attack. After slaying the large Ghissic (bees that create zombies…zombees…get it? zombees? oh fuck you its funny!) they looked into the house and discovered that the entire inside was a massive hive, and they burned it to the ground.

Later that night, the party made its way to the gates of Janderhoff, a large Varisian city at the base of the Mindspur Mountains. The party agreed to keep a small camp on the outside of the city walls, as they had a visit from an Imp known to Gunnar as “Larry”. “Larry” had informed them that the wounded Orc, known to them only as Grog had seemingly made a deal with a Devil, and that he had garnered much power and was now seeking them out. The party, not wanting to bring the town of Janderhoff peril, decided to stay the night outside the gates and see if the fell creature would find them.

That night, some strange events happened in Janderhoff, and Sara who was off on her own for part of the night came back with singed hair and looking a bit weary. In the morning, the party found out that a large row of tenement style houses had burned, and that the fire had started in a vegetable sellers house and store. Nobody seemed to mourn the passing of the vegetable seller, but several other people also died and the town had called upon its local Wizard to see if he could tell what happened. The party made friends with several people there. Hildegarde and Kenson spoke to a few Dwarves who had set up shop in the town market, Quentin helped by using his Divination powers to give the Wizard some help with his investigation. After fooling around for a bit, Gunnar and the rest of the party began heading south again, to try and find the terrible beast known as Grog, so they wouldn’t be ambushed by him.

“Larry” appeared, and told them that Grog was given his power by Rashael, the Devil that had laid the curse of Ruination upon them, who was the Devil in control of the Citadel of Confusion, and that by deviating from their quest they inadvertently served Rashaels will. They questioned “Larry” a bit more, and found out he was working for a Devil named Aginor, and that Aginor wanted them to complete their quest and rescue the Lyre of Bonding.

The party discussed it, and agreed that defeating Rashael would be in their best interests, and once again headed North. Passing through Janderhoff, they warned the Hell Knights of the Nail about Grog and continued their journey.

2 days out of Janderhoff, the party saw buzzards circling in the sky. A bit later they found a large wagon, and the source of the buzzards was evident. The horse was in its traces, but halfway eaten as if by some large insect. Before they could react, a large Fire Beetle came out of the back of the wagon, and they had to slay it. After killing the large mutant bug, they found the remains of the wagon driver and his gear, all broken and worn out farm implements. They buried the poor soul and moved on.


2500, leaving you at 20001, shy of level 7.

Ring of Xray Vision (Rumiel)
Belt of Physical Perfection 4 (Hildegarde)
Ring of Invis (Kenson)
Greatsword of Frost (
3) (*something about this tickles Rumiels mind…it sounds familiar)
Orb of Storms (Quentin….yes, now he has two big glass balls)
Tome of Clear Thought +2 (Quentin)

and 4000 gold apiece, in various gems/gold pieces and sellable artwork.



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