Scavenger Hunted

A 3 hour tour (only it wasnt a 3 hour tour it was more like 9 days, and it wasnt a tour so much as it was being stuck in the harbor. Oh, and there was a Wyvern attack and a plague.)

Session 4

After leaving the Arch of Aroden behind, and entering the Arcadian Ocean, several days of peaceful sailing quickly passed. With 5 days to Kovosa, an ominous portent appeared..the charred hulking wreck of another sailing vessel. Searching through the rubble, the party happened upon a crate, and inside the crate was a wet bedraggled and mostly dead Cleric. The party dragged him aboard, healed him enough, and got his story. He was the Cleric to another party of searchers for the Lyre of Binding, only his ship was assailed by winged devils, fell creatures of terrible beauty and horrible vengeance. They destroyed his ship when they refused to turn back and renounce their quest. Only by hiding and protecting himself did the Cleric survive. For rescuing him, he cast Greater Circle of Protection/Evil on all the ships decks.

3 days from Korvosa, a strange illness befell the crew and party. Gunnar and his amazing health were unaffected, as was Kenson whose connection and physical perfection granted him immunity. Within days, most of the crew was overcome with terrible bowel problems, a thickening and hardening of the skin and loss of hair, and a weeping suppurating eye condition making it difficult to see. The Cleric, aided by Kenson and Gunnar tried to end the plague, but it was strangely resistant to the healing magics.

Once in Korvosa port, the Blood Raven was denied docking and landing privileges, as they were deemed dangerous and diseased. As the days wore on, all communication with the shore and dockmasters ceased. After the 6th day, running short on supplies and with men near to death, the party sent Kenson to the docks in a landing craft. As he was unaffected by the plague, he was granted leave to dock.

In the city, Kenson found the whole of Korvosa deep in the throes of the plague. Many were dying, and many others were miserable from the illness. Seeking a cleric, Kenson asked around and stumbled into the Church of Aroden, where he met a kindly but very old Elven Cleric named Regliel. Regliel had found a seeming cure, and was putting it into potion form. Telling of his plight, Kenson found the ancient Elf to be very interested, and without thought when the Elf offered his services, Kenson accepted. Taking several vials back to the ship, along with a surly quiet Elf named Avliel, Regliels grandson, Kenson and Avliel got back to the ship and distributed the cure to the party, and left the rest with the crew and captain of the Blood Raven. Saying goodbye to the ship, the party made their way back to the Church of Aroden, where they bedded down for the time being.

XP Gained: 1600 each person. (600/ for the Wyvern, 1000 each for ASL)



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